Sarah Lefkowitz, RD

LAD has been a great way to meet and network with other dietitians who are passionate about their career and are involved in a variety of areas outside of Clinical Nutrition. It has helped me to stay energized and excited about my career as a dietitian.

Sarah Lefkowitz, RD

( LAD Past President )

Other Testimonials

I have always had a need to be involved in groups. Being on the LAD Executive Board has given me the opportunity to be a part of a team that helps make decisions that will ultimately impact the field and future of dietetics!

Randi S. Drasin, MS, RD

I am always very satisfied when I receive Application services-such as advice or membership information - from the LAD professional, high quality team.

Dima Bader

( LAD Student Member, CSUN )

Being a part of LAD as a student is a great way to learn more about the field! Volunteering was an easy way to network with RD’s.

Joan N. Agraviador

( LAD Student Member, El Camino College )